From £20,9997
Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

For its power, the Sport Turbo represents rather good value; it would take £30,000-plus to get similar poke from one of its rivals. Standard equipment is a bit of a misnomer here; it comes down to mechanical spec rather than radios or leather trim, and here the Westfield, by the time you’ve got the options you’d want, still comes in at a price beginning with a ‘2’.

We wouldn’t expect it to hold its value quite as well as a Caterham or Ariel, but it is stronger than conventional sports cars. And in our experience, insurance costs are reasonable for any car from a company that offers self-builds.

The slippy diff, grooved brakes, adjustable dampers, quick steering and Proxes 888 tyres are all musts if you’re going to give it regular track or sprint use. They’ll inflate the price to £28,20

The Sport Turbo likes a drink, mind you, which is a particular pity given its 40-litre tank size (and a fuel gauge that’s keen to urge you to fill up). Relax on a long touring run and you might approach 30mpg, but get the turbo spinning and that quickly drops to the low 20s. On a track day, expect low teens.