From £52,6904

Price, fuel economy and range, finance and depreciation

With either of the wheelbases, a Volkswagen Phaeton TDI makes tidy executive transport.

On one hand, that means there’s a limited but steady demand for used examples, making them worth something after a few years.

The Phaeton will remain a rare sight on Britain's roads

On the other, their suitability for an airport run does little for their prestige and causes a quick drop in residuals directly after registration. Either way, a quick browse of the used car classifieds shows the Phaeton to be sensational value as a used car, easily topping the ‘lot of metal for the money’ category.

Other running and servicing costs are reasonable for a car in this class, save for the impressive economy. On our touring route, which replicates the 70mph motorway cruise we suspect will be the main diet of this car, we returned a very creditable 39.6mpg.

The same goes for the equipment count. It gets all the basics – electric seats and the like – but cast a glance down the standard and optional kit lists for a Phaeton and a couple of its rivals and it’s hard not to feel that the VW is at less than the cutting edge.