This Vauxhall Agila is a four-star car in all but price. Compared with its closest rivals it may seem only to be a few hundred quid here or there, but in this corner of the market such numbers really count. It’s a shame Vauxhall hasn’t managed to cut the CO2 output too.

Still, this is a very capable and welcome competitor to the small city car class. And while the spectre of its apparently better-value sibling, the Suzuki Splash, is never far away, the fact remains that the Agila is better looking and has a more familiar badge on its nose.

A very capable competitor in the small city car class

Its tall load space impresses. Which is something we would never have said that about the old Agila.

This is a much better resolved machine, with a maturity that belies its looks. Although a Clio can match its boot for overall volume, the Agila’s height makes it more versatile.

Overall, then, the Agila arrives as one of the strongest members of its class – a capable and clever contender hobbled only by an over-ambitious price.