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Bodystyle, dimensions and technical details

Does it look like a Vauxhall or a Suzuki? The previous, square-box Agila was simply a rebadged Suzuki Wagon R, but this time the Agila is claimed to be much more of a joint venture.

Certainly this looks like a credible Vauxhall with that front grille and the sloping sculpting along the flanks, and the detailing of the lights in particular makes this a handsome little car. Huge round headlight reflectors and tall tail lights with circular centre sections hint at a style well beyond utility.

The Agila represents what a supermini should really be.

The front grille is very different from that of the Suzuki Splash and, to our eyes at least, gives the Agila a considerable advantage in the styling department.

Vast headlights dominate the frontal aspect of the car, but there’s no doubting their efficiency. Given the very limited performance on offer, they’re some of the best we’ve seen.

Big body-coloured boot handle looks and feels expensive, and helps to establish an image of being a cut above that of the traditionally spartan, cheap urban runabout.

Under the skin the Agila sits on a slightly shortened version of the Suzuki Swift's platform. With small cars getting ever larger, you could say that the Agila represents what a supermini should really be.