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Toyota’s real achievement here is in having made a petrol-electric supermini that doesn’t look particularly expensive.

Our fully loaded test car disguised this somewhat, but you can buy an entry-level Yaris Hybrid for less than a mid-spec 1.4-litre Vauxhall Corsa. We doff our cap to that – just as we do to the excellent packaging, practicality and good driving manners.

The practical small hybrid is well priced but has its limitations

However, the Yaris is a one-dimensional machine slow enough to make a diesel Chevrolet Aveo seem thrilling. More to the point, it’s only particularly economical in low-speed urban traffic.

For urban motorists who feel that that’s exactly where a supermini should be economical, and who are less interested in how they get around than how much it costs and how much they can carry, then this could be a perfect second car.

But those of us who regularly venture out of town – and who enjoy the trip when we do – would find better economy and a lot more fun elsewhere.