We’ve come to anticipate a hefty premium for the addition of hybrid gadgetry, but here the Toyota Yaris departs from the norm.

Toyota may be able to crow about the Yaris Hybrid’s class-best CO2 emissions (79g/km) and claimed fuel economy, but plenty of its rivals dip under the 100g/km VED-free barrier, which is the only watershed that matters for the private owners who buy most superminis. Residual values are strong, but those same diesel-powered rivals would deliver better economy over an extended driving range.

If nothing could tempt you into a compact diesel, the Yaris deserves your consideration

To extract value for money from the Yaris at the pump, it must be confined to the urban sprawl or driven with the patience of a saint. However, if nothing could talk you into a diesel-engined compact, the Toyota merits consideration.

Its main rival, the now discontinued Jazz Hybrid, was more expensive, its powertrain is not of the same standard and, because it emits 104g/km of CO2, it will require you to pay road tax. It's worth pointing out that some entry-level pricing undercuts some conventional diesel alternatives too.


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