Is the Tesla Roadster the future of performance motoring? Not quite.

But Tesla knows the Roadster’s limitations. It’s a vehicle for technology and ideas as much as a vehicle in its own right. And it is a landmark: when we’ve all but forgotten about electric Smarts and G-Wizs, we’ll remember the Tesla - a car with supercar acceleration, motorway ability and the capacity to take you 150 miles in a hop. It handles and is a fine convertible, too.

The good news is that electric motoring can still be immensely enjoyable

Not that the Tesla is without significant drawbacks - namely its price, battery life, range and downtime (and all the other inadequacies associated with the Lotus Elise’s build and packaging).

If you have the sort of money to indulge in this kind of car, chances are you'll dig deeper and opt for the Sport model. Because if you’re the kind of early adopter who likes to indulge your whims, you might as well have the best of what's on offer.

And, rest assured, more improvements will come; the first electric cars looked shabbily inefficient next to a horse that could walk miles on a bag of hay. Batteries need improving, but the electric drivetrain is here to stay. The good news is that motoring with it can still be immensely enjoyable.


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