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A far better electric car than a premium SUV

Like we said in the introduction, Tesla isn’t like other car companies. Most mainstream cars to undergo our road test will perform relatively consistently across the board and can be easily classified as mediocre, good or excellent.

The Tesla Model Y has one of the worst rides of anything that doesn’t pretend to be a track-focused sports car, and the level of acoustic refinement is not appropriate for a £54,990 car. Ordinarily, that would mean a four-star verdict would be out of the question. However, it counters that with way more interior space and practicality than any similarly sized EV and a strong if not exceptional range.

But the clincher, like with any Tesla, is the access to the Supercharger network, which still does more to take the inconvenience out of charging than anything else.

The performance, range, roadholding and sheer amount of space on offer impress, too, but the button-free interior that is devoid of character and occasionally frustrating and the prescriptive way it wants to be driven make the Model Y a car to respect rather than love. An appliance, but a very effective one.

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