Skoda has increased the price of the TDI Octavia vRS by roughly £4000 during the handover from third to fourth generation, reflecting the engine’s new emissions-mitigating systems and the interior makeover.

It means the new car is priced to match the more powerful petrol variant and also the Golf GTD, and there are good reasons why you might choose either of those alternatives.

Skoda closely matches the Ford Focus ST diesel for residual value, but neither can keep pace with the expensive VW Golf GTD

Company car buyers might also be tempted by the plug-in hybrid Octavia vRS iV on account of its 30g/km, compared with 130g/km for the TDI. However, we would advise caution with this approach. If you want something fast and practical, the PHEV will deliver it, but in our experience the most economical Octavia vRS on paper is the most compromised model in the range in terms of ride and handling.

Finally, drivers who accumulate big annual mileages are still best served by the TDI, on the basis of its truly impressive economy figures during testing. Touring economy well beyond 60mpg is possible with this car, and even with mixed use 40mpg-plus should be achievable.

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