Once again, Porsche has hit the nail absolutely plumb on the head with its most treasured sports car and gone straight back to the top of the class. The 991-generation Porsche 911 is a triumph.

Those who frowned at the mention of so much efficiency-enhancing technology, or who suggested the 911 would somehow lose its dynamic sparkle this time around, should simply have had more faith in the company that has delivered this incredible car to into its fifth decade.

The Porsche 911 still remains the preferable choice among the likes of the R8, F-type and Stingray

For while the 911’s handling may have changed a little, in our book it remains as wonderful and distinctive as ever – only built on a broader foundation of dynamic competence and complemented by as strong a performance footing as most will ever want.

Complaints? There are a few, but in truth they’re more like quibbles. The shift quality on the manual could do with a frisson of sharpening, the torque curve on the 3.4 could be a little wider and the miserly standard equipment list leaves a fractionally bitter taste in the mouth.

On that latter point, we’d make a few recommendations: folding door mirrors, cruise control, a multi-function steering wheel and Porsche’s telephone module are all sensible options. Conversely, in the chassis department less seems to be more. Normal dampers, with no steering or roll-bar options, leaves the 911 a very honest-driving, engaging sports car.

Beyond that, though, there really is little to criticise. Whichever engine you chose, and whether you go two-wheel drive or four, this is a car that not only sits at the top of the class but also covers pretty much everything that the opposition can throw at it in every area.

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