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Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

Porsche must be applauded for leaving well enough alone as far as the 911’s market positioning is concerned.

The entry-level Carrera is cheaper than BMW’s headline 650i coupé and is within touching distance of Jaguar’s naturally aspirated XK. And yet the car’s purity and focus set it as far apart from its competitors as ever and provide a shining reason to buy.

It's a shame that the 911 doesn't come with more equipment as standard

Zuffenhausen isn’t accustomed to working hard to deliver value for money, though, and could have been more generous with the 991’s standard equipment. On how many other cars at this price tag, after all, would buyers accept paying extra for things like a rear window wiper, floor mats or cruise control?

Credit where it’s due, however, for a highly impressive result on our fuel economy touring test in the Carrera. Getting 35.3mpg out of a true sports car is rare indeed. Our 21.2mpg average return shows that you have to be capable of resisting the lure of the car’s tantalising performance in order to get that kind of economy out on the road, though.

We haven’t run such extensive fuel economy tests on the Carrera S, although it is rated at a 32mpg average, which is impressive, given its increase in performance over the entry-level car. You do have to be aware of its higher CO2 output and tax band, though, as these make a significant addition to the running costs.

In particular, fuel economy is aided by a so-called sailing function in PDK-equipped cars, which sees the engine disconnected from the gearbox via the clutch on periods of trailing throttle, allowing it to roll freely at idle on slight downhill grades.

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