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Dashboard, infotainment, sat-nav and passenger space

Over the generations, Porsche 911 cabins have been, if not good, then good enough. The car’s 2+2 seating has made everyday usability a long-serving trump card, but there’s now so much more to recommend this driving environment.

Porsche can, at last, be congratulated for making its sporting icon as comfortable and well appointed as almost any £70k sports coupé on the market.

The Porsche 911's cabin is totally driver-focussed

The driver's view forward is framed by a high scuttle and a wide plateau of a dashboard. The sense of intimacy with your passenger has been reduced a little by greater interior width and by a dividing centre console that rises further as it flows forward to meet the fascia’s centre stack.

Like every other control panel in the new 911, that centre stack is fitted with neat, aluminium-accented switchgear arranged in logical clusters. There are no afterthoughts here and nothing haphazard or even remotely out of place. Tactile material quality and haptic feedback are also first rate.

You’ll find warmer and more ostentatious cabin treatments in other sports cars, it’s true, but this one remains slavishly devoted to function – namely, the business of driving – hence the large central tacho and the inclusion of both oil and water temperature gauges. But 911 devotees wouldn’t have it any other way.

Space for passengers in both the front and rear seats ought to have been improved, given the car’s longer wheelbase. And yet maximum head and legroom measurements in the 991 are, according to our measurements, as close to those of the 997 coupé to make for no meaningful improvement to overall accommodation.

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The rear chairs remain for children only, and then only if those in the front seats are prepared to give up some legroom.