From £67,202
Expensive, but it does give the Carrera S more edge and a great soundtrack

What's new? As tuning options go, £8,241 seems a lot of money for an extra 26bhp. To spend it, you’ll need to start with a standard Carrera S or 4S, and then tick the box marked ‘Performance kit’. This gets you modified cylinder heads, fatter exhaust manifolds, an additional radiator and a new brain for the ECU. A carbon air box feeding a new aluminium intake system now gulps in the outside air, and a rasping factory sports exhaust now expels the spent gases with venom. Once you appreciate the work involved, the price appears perhaps a touch more reasonable.What's it like? If you’re thinking of buying a new Carrera S, and you love cars per se, you’ll be helpless against the forces controlling that order sheet biro once sampled.Nevertheless, there’s massive shove from virtually idle, and fearsome mid-range surge on tap. The top end potential is clearly evident, and it’s all too easy to slam into the abrupt limiter at 7500rpm if you’re not really in tune with the engine.Listening to this engine is possibly the biggest thrill on offer. The deep, mechanical thrash is so alive and intoxicating, it feels as if you could reach out and part the sound waves with your hand. It gurgles, spits, brays and yowls depending on the crank speed and responds to the throttle with absolute purity.Should I buy one? The only major issue is that once you’ve added the price of the kit and a few other options to the list price you’re perilously close to new GT3 territory. If you’re a sceptic, just make sure you don’t drive it.Adam Towler

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