From £67,202
More expensive than a Carrera 2 and perhaps a touch less entertaining. But steering feels better and it looks fabulous.

What’s new?The four-wheel-drive 997 comes to the UK, with up to 40 per cent of the drive being sent to the front axle when required. Check out those wider rear wheelarches, too.What’s it like?Peachy. There’s a substantial amount of added weight to the steering, which is a nice thing, and a little more understeer if you push it to the limit, which perhaps isn’t. Added grip from wider tyres mean the 4 is actually quicker around the Nordschleife than the rear-drive model, and presumedly around your favourite roundabout. Out on the open road it feels planted and secure, although it still displays the traditional 911 trait of a bobbing nose over bumps. You’ll just have to learn to live with that.Should I buy one?Yes. Although the extra width hurts the threadability of the 911 down country lanes, and there’s a weight penalty for the new transmission. However, the better grip and the steering improvements are welcome. And it looks simply fabulous. It might not be better than a Carrera 2, but it’s an interesting alternative.Adam Towler

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