From £12,6556

Price, fuel economy and range, finance and depreciation

In basic Visia trim and with the entry-level 70bhp petrol engine, the Micra costs £12,875. By comparison, this top-spec N-Sport model, equipped with the most powerful engine in the range, will set you back £19,005.

This somewhat alters the Micra proposition in terms of value for money, not least because the Ford Fiesta ST – the finest supermini hot hatch on sale – costs roughly the same, albeit with less standard kit.

Micra’s residual value forecast isn’t totally disheartening, but it lags behind the Fiesta and Ibiza by a fair margin

N-Sport Micras come with such niceties as cruise control, automatic high-beams, DAB radio, rear parking sensors and a rear-view camera, though there’s no escaping the fact that this model, along with other better-equipped Micras, is simply too expensive given the muted driving experience on offer. That the Nissan is also predicted to hold its value less well than many of its rivals – including the Seat Ibiza FR – makes it particularly difficult to recommend.

But if you do like the sound of an N-Sport, and can find a tempting PCP deal, the running costs bring better news. Our test touring economy of 55mpg is competitive in the class, and a 41-litre fuel tank suffices for a range of more than 300 miles.