Two extra letters have made a world of difference to Nissan’s go-faster Juke.

The evolution from accessible, easy-going performance machine to something fundamentally harder-edged was logical enough, but in the process of rendering a more physical experience from the RS, Nissan has subverted far too much that was likeable about the original Nismo.

Efforts to extend the Juke Nismo's repertoire fail to enhance its appeal

Compromise has to be at the core of anything that is both crossover-based and performance-led, and a failure to balance the key elements stands out from a mile away.

Here, it’s not just because the car fails to impress at its new limits, but because the means used to achieve them so obviously worsen the overall experience.

The Nissan Juke Nismo RS’s imperfections take just minutes, not days, to become wearisome. The Japanese brand relied on the emotional appeal of the Juke Nismo to win buyers, but now it can only hope that customers remove their critical faculties altogether before trying the RS.