From £22,5505
Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

The Nismo RS comes well equipped. The 5.8in touchscreen is fully loaded with DAB, reversing camera, sat-nav and the NissanConnect system, while around it sit cruise control, heated front seats, climate control and automatic wipers and lights.

This was a factor in the original model’s popularity and will need to be again with a starting price worryingly close to that of an entry-level Ford Focus ST – a car less stocked with kit but hugely superior in every other way.

The Juke Nismo RS averaged a reasonable 34.3mpg in the hands of our True MPG test team

Given the paucity of traction, all-wheel drive seems like a good idea. But at nearly £24k, the all-paw RS isn't much cheaper than an Audi S1 - a car with power, quality, and capability to go with the outlay. The Juke Nismo RS also trails rivals such as the Ford Fiesta ST and Mini Cooper S when it comes to residual values, taking a big hit after the first 12 months.

Predictably, given its extra size, weight and aerodynamic attributes, the Juke doesn’t claim quite the same parsimony as its smaller competition. Where most of them will edge close to 50mpg in combined tests, the RS can’t better 40mpg.

However, the 34.3mpg average it returned while under the True MPG microscope isn’t unreasonable, and the 129g/km CO2 emissions are decent for its power and proportions.