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Dashboard, infotainment, sat-nav and passenger space

Next to your common or garden hot supermini, which requires a spot of rear end freefall in order to get in, the high hip point of the Nismo RS makes it a doddle to get into.

It would be wise, though, to savour this lack of aggravating knee-bending because it’s one of the few areas in which the Juke can claim a clear advantage over the segment’s more conventional offerings. Certainly the interior space is nothing to get particularly excited about when you consider the car’s size advantage over most superminis.

Nissan will have thought the Recaro option a potentially enticing upgrade, but try the RS's standard seats first

Rear passengers can expect to be no more comfortable than they would be in the five-door Renault Clio RS. Front occupants are better catered for – or at least they were in our test car, in which a pair of handsome Recaro seats had replaced the standard sports affairs.

The sight of them, though, establishes the incongruity which somewhat hampers the Nismo RS’s overall appeal. As supportive as the optional pews are, their aggressive appearance seems at odds with the humble crossover cabin and, as you still sit very high, the sensation of an enhanced relationship with the road is never really forthcoming.

Elsewhere, the interior lurches from good (the tactile suede trim) to bad (the nasty shiny finish to the centre console and dash) without ever really convincing you that the transition from standard placid Juke to testy RS is anything more than skin deep.

As before, Nissan’s Dynamic Control System – the tech which provides a modest choice of Eco, Normal and Sport modes – is merged with the switchgear for air conditioning, meaning you have to make do with reading telemetry from the Juke’s smallest display (an app allowing you to ‘cast’ additional information to an iPad has never materialised).

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At least the remodelled boot, at 354 litres with the seats still up (and the two-level floor in its lower position), is bigger than those of most of its supermini rivals. That said, it’s still hard to imagine any prospective buyer seizing on practicality as a reason to opt for the Juke Nismo RS.

The Nismo RS Juke comes with a wealth of equipment including a 5.8in infotainment system complete with sat nav, a reversing camera and DAB, plus Nissan's Safety Shield Technology. There are as you expect a few sporty extras too, including, an upgraded braking system, sports suspension, a limited slip differential and numerous Nismo adjustments to the exhaust, aggressive bodykit, rear diffuser, and bucket seats.