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The less expensive models in the Mitsubishi Outlander range represent good value. You can’t get a diesel CR-V or RAV4 – with four driven wheels, at least – for anything near the price of the basic Mitsubishi.

If you want the most kit for your money, opt for the top-of-the-line GX5 Outlander. It comes with a lane-keeping assist system, adaptive cruise control, a decent sat-nav, DAB radio, heated leather seats and more as standard. Plus there are seven seats, of course. 

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That said, considering the unapologetically unadorned cabin and profile of the Mitsubishi brand, you might be surprised that this top-spec Outlander is every bit as pricey as an equivalent Honda CR-V or Toyota RAV4. Even with this much kit and capability, it probably shouldn’t be.

The best way to invest your money would be in the GX3 model, which comes with seven seats, Bluetooth and dual-zone climate control; it represents a sensible balance of cost and specification.

For fleet drivers, the Outlander is one of the lowest-emitting 4x4s on CO2, and particularly so against its rivals in automatic guise. And as you’d surmise, it’s frugal. Go touring in an automatic version and you'll probably return almost 45mpg, which is excellent for an automatic seven-seat SUV.

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A day-to-day 40mpg would be easy to achieve; for the manual version, probably better.

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