From £9,450
The same compromises as other CCs, but with turbo character and performance.

What's new? This is our first drive of Mitsubishi’s hot coupé-cabriolet, the CZC Turbo, on British roads, and it’s the only car in the compact CC segment that promises anything like an entertaining drive. It uses the same 147bhp turbocharged engine as the CZT hatchback, but packs a folding metal roof into the bargain.What’s it like? It’s no open-air hot hatch, that’s for sure. While it has the same motor and gear ratios as its warm hatch sibling, with its heavy folding metal roof, the CZC Turbo tips the scales at 1200kg, 130kg more than the CZT, and it shows. Performance is just peppy enough to set this car apart from its rivals, but the electric steering still feels inert, the gearchange imprecise and turbo lag is pronounced.You won’t mistake this for the standard CZC, though, thanks to the huge ‘Turbo’ badge on the rear.Should I buy one? If you want a small CC with character, this is your car. It’s great value next to the less powerful Vauxhall Tigra 1.8 Sport, but a Mini Cooper S Convertible is more fun to drive.

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