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Mid-life refresh isn't enough to bring the likeable Colt into contention

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Mitsubishi Colt

The Mitsubishi Colt is an entertaining hatchback that offers decent value for money

26 November 2008
Mitsubishi Colt 1.3 CZ2

What is it?

This is the revised Mitsubishi Colt. Mitsubishi has given the Colt range a mild refresh, with this CZ2 three-door being a representative mid-range example.

The biggest visual difference is the revised headlight treatment, a part-successful attempt to transfer the look of the Lancer to the Colt. Other changes are more minor, with new trim and revised spec levels.

What's it like?

The Mitsubishi Colt itself remains a thoroughly likeable car, but not one that's going to cause much anxiety for more modern rivals.

The mid-ranking 1.3-litre engine delivers impressively keen performance when worked hard, and the Colt seems to enjoy making reasonably rapid progress.

The ride still feels bouncy over anything other than the smoothest road surfaces, and the steering is short of the feedback necessary to allow the Colt to be considered a true warm hatch.

It's better on the motorway than most supermini rivals, though, with decent refinement and reasonably long gearing.

The Colt brings plenty of kit in CZ2 spec, including air-con, alloys and cruise control, but the Colt feels small compared with more modern supermini rivals, with poor space for adults in the rear seats and a dinky boot.

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Should I buy one?

That really depends on how much space you need, and how good the offer is. The Mitsubishi Colt remains a thoroughly decent car, but a slight facelift isn't going to put it back into direct contention with the best cars in the segment.

But with a generous discount, the Colt is still good enough to be taken seriously.

Mike Duff

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26 November 2008

Other pictures I have seen of this car have not had it in such a flattering colour. Go for a lighter hew and it looks too tall and stumpy. Bet they don't come with the darkened windows as standard either!

On the whole though, a likeable car, if not a little cheap looking on the interior front.

27 November 2008

They appear to have ditched the glow-in-the-dark centre console from the old model. Still, looks fairly decent. I don't think the new face has been completely successful, though. Still, a good effort.

16 June 2013

sadly you'd have to be nearly blind to buy a motor this ugly.

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