The MG 6 had a lot to prove and, although in most respects, it falls way short of what you'd expect from a car in this sector, it does at least show that MG has ample promise.

For a model born out of significant corporate strife, it’s admirable that the MG 6 comes so close to offering a competitive package, and even more impressive that, in terms of ride and handling, it is comparable with the best in its class.

It offers a package that proves MG has ample promise

But although the 6’s strengths point towards a bright future for MG, it’s hard to recommend this car. It is unforgivable to offer such a below-par drivetrain, which is short on refinement and usability and at least a generation behind the best in efficiency.

The MG 6 illustrates well that its maker is just one step behind the established players. But until it has caught up, the deficit in the finished product is too great to overlook.


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