From £14,9114
Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

Running costs are a priority in this sector and, with claimed economy/CO2 figures as unappealing as 35.6mpg and 184g/km, the MG 6 falls short against its rivals.

To figure out how it can be perceived as cheap you must take into account the extensive standard spec, which, on the range-topper includes sat-nav, leather seats and reversing camera, as well as the fact that you get more space in the MG than in most C-segment rivals. Given all this, it’s clear that the 6 has a very competitive list price.

Running costs are a priority in this sector and the MG fall short against its rivals

But with such comparably poor emissions and economy (a similar-engined Octavia manages 40.9mpg and 158g/km) and a painfully steep gradient to its depreciation forecast, the MG loses all of the financial incentive it might have held beyond the price on its showroom sticker.


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