After so many years of success, some might question the wisdom of Mercedes’ decision to tinker with the dynamic DNA of the SL. But we don’t.

While it’s true that our test car’s uncompromising chassis spec meant it didn’t glide over every surface with the impeccable calm of other examples we’ve tried, it was still a bubble of ample cushioning, soothing quiet and blissful freedom from the normal motoring experience.

Still totally unique, now even more appealing — but get the spec right

The less agreeable news is that the AMG chassis settings don’t turn the SL into an outstanding driver’s car. Despite its formidable performance, you’ll still get more vivid kicks in a couple of other grand convertibles we could mention.

And yet, for everyday driving, the SL’s opulent luxury, refinement and ease of use could be just as convincing as its rivals’ vivacity and fleeting agility. Maybe more so. Long live the legend.