From £74,4308
Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

Exclusivity is a core part of the Mercedes SL mystique, and mere acquaintance with this car leads you to expect it to cost more than the class average.

And it does, but not disproportionately more, considering the performance and refinement on offer and the standard equipment list. Adaptive dampers, voice-activated satellite navigation, intelligent bi-xenon headlights and the like aren’t items that usually come for free, even at this rarefied level.

Predicted residual values are a worry for future SL owners

More concerning than the asking price is the residual value forecast made about this new SL by Autocar’s sources, suggesting it will fare slightly worse over three years than even a Jaguar XK – a car that’s already long in the tooth.

That will be offset a little by a good emissions performance for those running an SL as a company car – although very few people will get the chance to do that.

It’s a good job depreciation is something SL owners are already well used to.