From £43,3308
Bodystyle, dimensions and technical details

The car is currently available as either a 300 CDI or 350 CDI (long-wheelbase version) each with three rows of two seats. We can’t see much point in the standard-wheelbase car, however. The Mercedes R-Class is all about the provision of space and luxury, so the extra outlay is well placed.

Mercedes may have cleverly disguised the R-Class’s 4x4 underpinnings and is therefore likely to spare its town-bound owners the contempt of the growing anti-4x4 mob, but it’s still 4x4 heavy. Busting the scales at 2185kg and 2295kg respectively, it is heavier than the ML upon which it is based by over 100kg

We can’t see much point in the standard-wheelbase car

The R-Class works brilliantly as an estate; fold the middle and rear rows of seats flat and remove the central storage unit and it can hold 2385 litres, making the E-Class’s 1910 litres seem slightly pathetic by comparison