With its 800 metric horsepower, 800Nm of torque and 800kg of downforce, Woking’s new track-day immortal must surely have been on course, at one point, to be called ‘800R’. Who was it who dared to suggest that it might be worthy of association with Senna? And how much drive and inspiration did that decision provide?

It’s easy to believe that the Senna’s creators must have been in inspired mood to have come up with such a complicated yet supremely clever, singularly exhilarating driver’s car as this. A cynic might suggest this is precisely the sentimental reaction that McLaren had reckoned on receiving for the Senna. But put a helmet on that cynic’s head, give them 10 laps in this car on any circuit you like, and you’ll likely find them cured of what ails them.

Astounding circuit performance made superbly accessible

Confidence is everything in road-legal cars capable of race-car performance. So many offer the outright grip and speed without making it accessible. The Senna is different. No other road-legal track-day car has such a fully realised blend of mind-blowing circuit performance and excitement, amazingly tame drivability and brain-frazzling driver reward.

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