The idea of a road-going McLaren that genuinely has been derived from a racing car is an intriguing idea. Even the very quickest and most powerful supercars typically have grip and track purpose eked into them, rather than gradually taken away until they become just palatable enough to use away from the circuit.

Woking has given us ‘GTR’ track-only versions of road-legal products several times now, but the 620R represents a new approach. Or it does, at least, for McLaren.

Leaves a little to chance. Spectacularly raucous and raw, though

The trouble is, with that kind of departure point, you set yourself against huge expectations because nothing but blockbusting, unprecedented performance and track pace will really do. During our test, it was the 620R’s inability to go much beyond the measurable dynamic potential of other Sports Series McLarens that made us question its effectiveness as a product – although we didn’t do so very often.

For the price, you’ve got a right to expect very special things of this car. Subjectively it meets that expectation with room to spare, even if objectively the margin between this and a 600LT is perhaps a little too narrow for comfort.

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