Just days after the Porsche 911 GT2 RS beat the Huracán Performante’s Nürburgring lap time, we’re handing it a different prize: a T-shirt, if only one would fit, with ‘Autocar’ writ large on the front, the outline of a circuit recognisable to almost nobody on the sleeve and a huge target on the back.

This £200,000 ‘junior’ supercar has proven itself quicker around our benchmark handling track than million-pound hybrid hypercars, ‘loonatic’ track specials and even the Bugatti Veyron.

Breathtaking track makeover brings it close to greatness

It is surely no longer possible to think of the Huracán as an also-ran exotic; a stonking powertrain wrapped in a pretty box but an oddly disappointing drive.

The Performante never disappoints. It has strong suits and eye-poppingly strong suits – and in the few areas where it comes up short, it mostly does so in understandable, even embraceable fashion.

The Performante remains narrowly shy of the outright performance level and handling delicacy needed to top the supercar niche and that’s why it misses out on a five-star score. Overall it means the Performante grabs third spot in our top five ahead of the Noble M600 and the Ford GT, but lags behind the Ferrari 488 GTB and the superb McLaren 720S.

But the whiff of untapped potential about this Lamborghini is now a dim memory.


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