From £215,0009

Just one potentially quite serious observation here – and it has nothing to do with the 16.9mpg fuel economy average that the Performante recorded, which seems a very reasonable price to pay for a car that’ll be driven as seldom as this will and enjoyed as avidly.

Lamborghini has priced the car quite attractively. At just north of £200,000, it’s an extra-special track-ready derivative of a proper supercar competitive with a base-level 720S on price.

CAP predicts steep depreciation for the Performante, expecting it to be worth less than the AMG GT R at four years

You can be sure that when the successor to the Ferrari 458 Speciale arrives, it’ll do so with a price much closer to £300k – as, you’d imagine, will McLaren’s next Super Series LT.

Trouble is, our market watchers at residual value experts CAP suggest even this Huracán may not retain its value quite as stoutly as its nearest rivals – and if CAP’s prediction is right, ownership will be expensive for the car’s first and second keepers.

It may be wrong, of course, and the classified ads don’t seem to suggest that used Huracáns are faring too badly for retained value at the moment.

But, as much as it may matter to some, there are certainly safer ways to spend £200,000.


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