From £10,490
Fastest ever Smart, but pricey

What’s New?It’s the fastest ever production Smart, and has just landed in UK dealerships.

What’s it like?Plenty fast. The same turbocharged 1.5-litre four as found in its sister Mitsubishi Colt is boosted to 174bhp, and the Brabus Forfour has been geared to breach seven seconds to 60mph. Body control is good on fast roads, but the ride, on 17” rims and 40/35 profile tyres (front/rear), is shocking. Loads of road noise too, and more than its share of torque steer.

So should I buy one?If it was cheaper, maybe, but at £17,195 it rivals the Cooper S and is dangerously close to the Golf GTI. Frankly, it’s as good as neither. Nor the rather cheaper Clio 182, come to think of it.

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