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The Ferrari California may be an easier Ferrari to live with than most, but don’t think that it’s a great deal easier to get into the ownership experience, which begins with a proper-Ferrari price and can easily be increased by dipping into a typically extensive (and expensive) options list.

Ditto prices for insurance, which are on a par with other cars in Ferrari’s range. If you drive enthusiastically and often, you’ll need tyres regularly, while residual values are best maintained by strict adherence to the service schedule.

A 260-mile range will necessitate regular refuelling stops on longer trips

The good news on the servicing front is the introduction of the Ferrari Genuine Maintenance package – essentially free servicing for the first seven years that’s included in the California’s list price. It covers all standard maintenance items outlined in the car’s service schedule, while there’s no mileage restriction.

If you happen to be a high-mileage driver who reaches the 12,500 mile service intervals regularly, you can have the car serviced more than once a year at no extra cost. All-in-all, this could save you many thousands of pounds, no matter what mileage you do. And it’s transferable should you sell the car.

Initially at least, the California’s desirability and newness will help it to hold its value well. Five years down the line, though, it will probably become subject to the same steep depreciation that afflicts all but the rarest, most expensive cars. However, that service package will help to firm up residuals when compared with rival supercars.

The California’s economy is less than great. The 14.9mpg we averaged gives a range of less than 260 miles, despite a 17-gallon tank – not ideal, especially when the car has the ability to be an exceptionally good tourer. The introduction of the HELE tech to the Ferrari California should yield a 10% improvement in this.


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