There is a supremely confident strut about modern Ferrari road cars and, by and large, they appeal all the more because of it.

The company’s commitment to making the fastest, most powerful and most exciting options within the niches of the sports car market in which it competes has brought us some sensational driver’s cars in recent years, and has brought us another memorably visceral and rambunctious one in the new 812 Superfast.

The 812 delivers stellar engine and handling, but lacks GT-typical dynamic appeal

But it has not brought us a car that we’d instinctively choose to drive from one end of any given country to the other; in which case, we plainly can’t put it at the very top of our ‘Super GT’ chart above rivals we’d prefer for that kind of journey.

The 812’s V12 engine is spellbinding and rules over its surprisingly plucky, playful chassis with an almost irresistibly despotic swagger. But the car’s inability to adopt a measured, stable, low-effort long-distance stride is a smear on its CV and evidence that perhaps Ferrari should guard against letting its ego get the better of it with every car that it makes.

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