From £253,0008

Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

Twelve-cylinder Ferraris don’t depreciate like they used to. To be fair, Maranello’s two-seater V12s never suffered quite as harshly as its 2+2s in that respect anyway, but in any case, there’s certainly good news here for prospective 812 owners.

Right now, you won’t find many three-year-old examples of the F12 around for less than £200,000. And given how few 812s will be sold at prices under £300k following options, it’s unlikely you’ll find many of those around for what might be considered a bargain price after a similar time frame either.

812 is expensive but the Aventador pricier still; they’re expected to be very closely matched on residual values

If you plan on keeping your car for longer, you may be interested in the seven-year free servicing plan that Ferrari has been offering as standard on its cars since 2011. It covers the cost of scheduled servicing, spares and fluids, and is transferable to subsequent keepers. Meanwhile, the 812 comes with a four-year warranty, extendable to as many as 12 years at extra cost.

Few could say the company wasn’t doing its best to take the financial risk out of exotic car ownership, and the improvement it has seen in its residual values is likely testament to its success.

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