There’s no question that the BMW 730d, particularly in SE guise, is an awful lot of car for the money even if the pricier 7 Series models fare less well in this regard.

The entry-level car has virtually every goodie you could ever want as standard, and when it comes to fuel consumption, range and emissions it’s just about unbeatable at the price.

The 7 Series is uncommonly frugal for a luxury car

What really sets the 730d’s performance apart is the fact that it achieves all this while returning a genuine 40mpg in the real world, making it one of the few cars easily able to nudge its official combined-cycle figure (41.5mpg).

With a CO2 figure of just 178g/km, this is an uncommonly frugal luxury car to run. Mate that to sub-seven second 0-60mph acceleration and you end up with a nigh-on unbeatable combination.

It’s likely that the very few people who will buy the 760Li will have already decided to do so. Other than the marginal extra refinement, objectively the 760Li doesn’t do a great deal that the 750Li, or for that matter that the 740d lower down in the range doesn't. What the 760Li does do rather well though, is fill the role of flagship, and for a certain type of buyer that will be reason enough to have one.

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But in the current climate there’s one aspect that could kill this car stone dead – and that’s depreciation.

Even in the good times the 7 Series has tended to suffer horrendously from the dreaded D-word; in a recession it’s hard to imagine how fast this car will fall in value the moment you park it on your drive. You have been warned.

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