It remains a wonderful GT but can fall short as an entertainer

We applaud Bentley’s commitment to what may be the most performance-focused Continental of its generation. The GT Speed has its moments as a driver’s car – and, as this leather-and aluminium-clad heavyweight swivels underneath you and then catapults forwards, they’re moments to remember.

But even the very latest active driveline, suspension and steering systems have their limits. Like a rugby back-row forward given ankle injections, the new toys make a difference, but they won’t make him spin like Rudolf Nureyev, and the GT Speed won’t, either, not in a way that will really hold your attention on road or track.

Like so many Bentleys over the years, this one is at its best at a flowing eight-tenths stride down a wide, sweeping country road or, better still, over long distances as a luxury GT, where little else would compare. It remains wide and still feels heavy when the hedges close in, and it is typically reserved and filtered-feeling in character.

It’s lovely, opulent and disarming, but alluring to drive rather than truly absorbing. And it only entertains as well as an uncompromising luxury-first coupé ever could.