From £149,9957

Price, fuel economy and range, finance and depreciation

The coupe has a £150,000 price tag and the Volante is around £10k more. And it would be easy to suggest that those with the means to buy a car such as this consider the costs involved over and above the original purchase price peripheral factor.

Whether that’s true or not, we’re duty bound to point out that the Virage is expensive by any standard. A Ferrari California is substantially cheaper to buy than the Volante, for instance, and also benefits from much gentler depreciation.

Aston Virage has a touring range of less than 300 miles despite a 78-litre tank

On our test, the Virage Volante model returned 15.6mpg. That included a track figure of 7.0mpg, but on our longer, more varied touring route we returned 24.4mpg. The official combined figure is for both the coupe and Volante is 18.8mpg.

From its 78-litre fuel tank, a range of around 268 miles can be expected based on our touring figure.

Predictably given its list price and luxury positioning, the Virage is very well equipped a standard. Options extend to extras such as different alloy wheel designs, exterior and interior trim flourishes, and an upgraded Bang and Olufsen sound system.

One handy option in the coupe is 2+0 seating; the rear seats are pretty unusable anyway, so their removal leaves a handy extra storage space, which you’re going to need. The Volante is 2+2 only.