From £152,8659

Price, fuel economy and range, finance and depreciation

The scheduling for the DB11’s launch gives it time to establish itself before the all-new Bentley Continental GT arrives next year.

The advantage should be enough to allow the DB11 to monopolise the spotlight and make its relative costs of ownership look more favourable.

CAP expects initial demand to keep DB11 prices quite strong but also that they’ll stay that way in relative terms

Right now, our experts suggest the Aston is a wiser buy than most of its rivals.

Heated leather seats, surround-view cameras, cruise control and an infotainment system with a wi-fi hub, DAB radio and a 400W stereo all come as standard.

Most will want to personalise their purchase, which is where Aston’s ‘designer specifications’ come in, combining certain colours, materials and trims as the company’s designers advise.

Choose from thick-pile carpets, personalised sill plates and ‘celestial perforation’ – which we take to mean an illuminated headlining.

If it was our money we would opt for either the alluring ‘New Heritage’ colour scheme (green with a silver roof and tan leather) or the ‘Intrepid Sport’ (orange paintwork, black leather and trim). We would also have the 1000W Bang & Olufsen audio system.