The appeal and driver reward of the Alfa Mito has been significantly improved by the Cloverleaf. The Multiair technology is a dramatic improvement, the steering more responsive, and the ride and handling better judged. 

However, the steering still feels detached and the ride quality falls short of others in the class.

The Mito Multiair is a truly likeable hatch

As ever, the electronic DNA system proves more irritant than aid. More so than with any other Mito model, it is evident that this could be a genuinely excellent hot hatch if it were not hindered by unnecessarily complex electronic systems. 

Still, the Mito Multiair is a truly likeable hatch and, thanks to the latest updates, it’s now a fun one as well. Given that it is also well equipped, good looking, cheap to run and practical, there is more reason than ever to want this range-topping junior Alfa.


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