The most obvious rival for the Mito Cloverleaf is the Mini Cooper S, which costs less than the Alfa. But given that the Mito is the bigger, better-equipped car and offers better economy and emissions, it is the more practical purchase by some way. 

Its low CO2 emissions of 139g/km place it in the third lowest company car tax band and road tax is only £120.

Our 36.1mpg test average falls short of the claimed 47.1mpg

Although our test average of 36.1mpg falls way short of the claimed 47.1mpg, it’s a good result given the performance available and the variations in our test route. 

Depreciation will be the biggest expense by far. The Mito fails to beat the Mini’s benchmark residual values, and it fares even worse than rivals such as the Citroën DS3 150 THP. As a used buy, then, it makes a huge amount of sense.


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