Beyond the presence of an extra number on the gearlever, it would take an expert to distinguish a Cloverleaf’s cabin from that of any other Alfa Mito.

There are no QV badges and the only distinguishing features are the darkened headlining and steering wheel. The standard cloth sport seats are the same as the Veloce’s, which is a shame because they could do with being a touch more supportive.

The driving position is good but not great

The driving position is good but not great. The seats are set low but the relationship with the steering wheel is slightly awkward. There’s insufficient steering rake adjustment, too.

The overall cabin design is busy but easy to use and you can customise it. The ‘carbonfibre’ fabric weave is available in black, red or blue, and there are two seat colour choices. 

In the rear there is enough room for two adults but it is not especially spacious; then again, neither is the Mini or Fiesta. A third rear seat (along with an additional headrest) is an option.

There’s 270 litres of luggage space, which is over 100 litres more than that of a Mini Cooper S but fractionally less than the three-door Fiesta ST’s or Renault Clio Cup’s


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