From £15,7158

Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

A 595 Abarth with its Competizione kit fitted, costs more than a Mini Cooper S and a Renaultsport Clio RS Nav. But the little Fiat comes with a decent range of equipment (including air-conditioning and a CD player with MP3 capacity, auxiliary sockets and its pretend limited-slip diff), however both its closest competition include more luxuries such as an all-singing and dancing infotainment system.

It's also predicted to retain a decent proportion of its value thanks largely to brand kudos and relative rarity.

The little Fiat comes with a decent range of equipment

Economy is respectable, too, at 27.5mpg over the test period. That compares with an official combined consumption figure of 43.5mpg.

CO2 emissions of 155g/km is slightly more than the 136g/km, but enough to bump the little Fiat up by two tax bands with an increased cost roughly the value of a tank of unleaded.