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Best used buys for every budget, hybrid Porsche 911 detailed, and new Ford Mustang driven

This week in Autocar, we look at some of the best second-hand buys for every budget, the new hybrid Porsche 911, and rate the brutish new Ford Mustang.


Porsche has electrified the 911 with a new hybrid flat six that taps racing technology as part of a refreshed line-up - we have every detail.

BMW, meanwhile, has revived the Z8 as its flagship GT car, previewing styling and packaging ideas for a luxurious new two-seater. We look into its specification and back story.

Over to Kia and the new EV3 is set to bring ‘flagship’ technology from the brand's larger, bespoke electric models to the compact SUV segment - all for less than £30,000.

Honda is working on a Tesla Model 3-rivalling saloon as one of seven radical new electric cars that it plans to bring to market by 2030 - we look at how it is going to do that.


The Citroen C3 is a distinctive, comfort-first, feel-good electric supermini offering a 200-mile range for less than £22,000 – but is there a catch? We find out.

Whether it's a boulevard cruiser or something to rumble down a motorway, we all have our own idea about what the Ford Mustang should be. But what about the new one? We head to France for a first drive.

To replace its departing W12 engine, Bentley is introducing a V8 plug-in hybrid powertrain, and its first application is in the Continental GT. Matt Prior finds out if it's something we should look forward to.

Over to the world of vans and the new E-Transit Custom is aiming to turn Britain’s workforce on to zero-emission running. But is it worthy enough?

The new BMW i5 Touring might be one of the first electric estates to market, but is it a rushed job? Richard Lane finds out.


After a few years of infl ated prices, used car values are sliding – which is great news if you’re shopping for something different. James Disdale takes a look at the market's biggest bargains.

A virtual 1071bhp race car is taking Skoda to a new audience. The firm’s design boss tells us how a secret lunchtime project made a Gran Turismo dream come true.

Road test

This week it's road test 5676, and we've got the Lexus LBX. It might have been WhatCar? Car of the Year, but how will it fare under the Autocar spotlight?


Matt Prior has a spot of bother in a Kia EV9 in Bakewell, while Steve Cropley has bought a new car and drives the new Renault Scenic for the first time.

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We awarded the Bentley Bentayga diesel five stars when we road tested it back in 2017, but is it a five-star used car? John Evans discusses. 

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