LA motor show coupe concept will showcase the future of Subaru
3 November 2010

Subaru's new concept at the LA motor show later this month will not be the long-awaited version of the car it has co-developed alongside Toyota's FT-86, Autocar has learned. Instead the concept will showcase the future of the company based around its new 'Confidence in Motion' brand statement.

Accompanying the ambiguous press release was this cryptic teaser image showing the silhouette of a coupe, that had raised speculation that the concept car could be Subaru's own version of the FT-86.

See the Subaru teaser pic of the new concept

The new concept has been designed to "enhance the Subaru brand" and showcase the firm's new design language. The company is still best known in Europe for performance versions of its Impreza saloon, made famous in the World Rally Championship throughout the 1990s and 2000s.

Explaining its new 'Confidence in Motion' strapline, Subaru said 'Confidence' was its commitment towards engineering excellence and to "provide both enjoyment and peace of mind". The 'in Motion' part refers to Subaru's desire to innovate "to meet customer expectations in a world of constant change".

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The concept is expected to feature a sporty hybrid powertrain, as Suabru confirmed it would "proactively address global environmental issues" without taking taking away "a source of enjoyment" for the driver.

The car will be unveiled in LA on 17 November.

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3 November 2010

Should be very interesting I think - lets hope the product lives up to the hype - and why do companies now issue these teaser images its just daft in my opinion.

To live is to drive

3 November 2010

[quote Autocar]based around its new 'Confidence in Motion' brand statement.[/quote]

Should be an interesting vehicle

I came upon this no coupe Subaru 2 days ago


3 November 2010

As we've already witnessed Subaru UK aren't interested in selling cars. That's why you can't buy a STi in WR Blue with a big wing on the rear. You can in every other market, apparently, but not in the UK. Also, they're putting the price of the STi up by around £ 6,000. Same car, £ 6,000 more.

So even though I do hope it's Subaru who shows the world how to do a really interesting Coupe, I doubt that Subaru UK would be interested in selling it.

Cue the importers!

3 November 2010

Subaru seriously need to get the finger out and produce desirable cars.Hope this is a new dawn for the company

3 November 2010

Hmmm, I'm probably way off, but I reckon it could be a new Legacy concept (they have shown concepts for the last couple in the US, if I'm not mistaken), but maybe more of a CLS style design.

3 November 2010

If you look at the size of the wheels implied by the wheel arches, it looks like its going to be X6 sized. No way.

3 November 2010

I think it's a teaser for the next-gen Imprezza sedan. Or, hopefully, an imminent restyle. Does anyone else see cues in the profile from the current legacy or, even, the SVX??

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