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Styling chief says company is ready to add flair to its repertoire

The styling of Skodas is set to become considerably more daring in the future, according to one of the company’s chief designers.

Having carved out a brand identity of good value, honest cars under the ownership of Volkswagen, the Czech firm is now looking to add more flair to each model, according to Karl Neuhold, the man behind the new Superb estate.

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“We are going towards something more avant-garde, something special, these cars will make you feel well-dressed” he told Autocar. “We are a proud brand, and although there will still be the traditional values such as spaciousness, we are going to add more fun.”

Models like the new next Octavia will push forward this new design direction, with styling that is not a simple evolution of the current car.

“The next Octavia will be a big step forwards,’” said Neuhold.

Although nothing is in the pipeline the company at present, the idea of a Skoda sports car has not been ruled out.

“First we must do the homework, then when we are established we can look at niche products," he said.

Ollie Stallwood

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RSkoda 20 October 2009

Re: Skoda styling to be 'more daring'

Well, looking at the response to the Superb estate, Skoda's new design team is already doing a good job.

Josef Kaban (the guy who designed the Bugatti Veryon) took over as head of Skoda design last year and I suppose the first fruits of his efforts will be the Octavia 3.

There are also rumours that a coupe is on the way :)

ThePlumsofWrath 17 October 2009

Re: Skoda styling to be 'more daring'

I think Skoda have an image that is recognisable, is strong and projects a quality product in relation to the price it's sold for. People buy into this image.

I hope they don't lose this or trade it in for something less recognisable but if anyone can pull it off, Skoda can. They have completely reinvented themselves in the last 20 years, Subaru should be looking to take on the bloke who transformed Skoda's fortunes.

People don't laugh at them today like they laughed at Grandad's (god bless his departed soul) orange 130 Estelle in 1985. As an interesting aside, if you Google '130 Estelle' that doddery old bird from the Golden Girls appears more than the car.

Who'd have thought that then?

daddy 3 17 October 2009

Re: Skoda styling to be 'more daring'

Lee23404 wrote:
They need to get rid of the oversized grills and try and make the rear at least interesting.

From what i have herd from other car sites Skoda are dropping the big grills and are going for a new approach,i just hope that there good cars arnt made even uglier.