The facelifted version of the Vauxhall Insignia has been spotted, prior to its reveal at this year's Frankfurt motor show
5 June 2013

The facelifted Vauxhall Insignia has been spied with minimal disguise, ahead of its planned reveal at the Frankfurt motor show in September.

It's expected to be revealed alongside updated versions of the Insignia saloon and hatchback. Myriad cosmetic changes have been carried out, all in an attempt to improve the Insignia's desirability. 

Previously pictured during cold weather testing in the Arctic circle, the 2013 Vauxhall Insignia estate will feature the same revised front end as the other bodystyles and a new diesel engine.

The spy shots revealed an undisguised grille, as well as updates and improvements to the interior. The Insignia also carries a more pronounced front splitter and fins which extend downwards from the front bumper in an attempt to smooth airflow.

Although LED daytime running lights will be fitted, the revised headlights fitted here do without integrated LEDs. Little is known about modifications to the rear end, but heavily disguised taillight units suggest changes will be made.

Mechanical changes will be slight, although there is the adoption of a new 1.6-litre turbodiesel to replace the aged 1.7-litre engine used elsewhere in the Vauxhall range.

The all-new powerplant is expected to offer a new CO2 champion in the range, undercutting the 119g/km produced by the greenest Insignia Sports Tourer.

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Vauxhall Insignia

The Vauxhall Insignia is only small details away from rivalling the class best

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7 July 2012

...which is a criticism or a compliment, depending on your motoring preferences.

22 January 2013

There's no mention in the article of the improved interior? Given that the dashboard, with a vast array of buttons, can be confusing and that this has long been a criticism of the Insignia, I'm suprised that the article does not mention GM addressing this criticism. 



23 January 2013

Like evanstim, I also noticed the improved interior.  What I find most odd, however, is the fact that the new Cascada doesn't use this revised center console.

Photos of the Cascada have just appeared on the Vauxhall website and it still bears the button-busy center console.  Considering it's supposed to be Vauxhall's most up market offering I'm surprised they haven't gone for this altogether more elegant console.

23 January 2013

I have a astra (11 plate) and tbh don't find the many buttons confusing at all - in fact its very straight forward I find - most people critiscise all the buttons but have never driven the car (not sayign that other posters above haven't).

What I can't stand is cars with lots of menu's to scroll through - I have tried ona few and I can't do it at 70 mph - a button I can push at 70 mph!

23 January 2013

Agree with the others on the centre console layout looking good (although, like gazza5, when I drove it when it was first launched, I didn't have an issue) but I have to question if this is for all the range or high end models only?




It's all about the twisties........

23 January 2013

Still on the interior.. 

Is it just me or is there no CD slot on in the dahsboard? Does this mean GM in the Insignia have gone completely to iPod/iPhones/Flash drives? 

PS - I agree with gazza5, the buttons are easier than a confusing and time-consuming menu system. Motoring journalists seem to disagree though. 

23 January 2013

I feel I should point out that the Sports Tourer in cold weather testing is a VXR/OPC. Firstly it's running a very similar front bumper to the VXR (a car that's parked nearby) with the 'fang' slots and blanks visible and separate brake inlets to the outer edges, albeit with a noticably larger grille. Secondly it's running cross drilled front brake discs, which are highly unlikely for a standard Insignia (Bi-CDTi aside possibly) and thirdly it's running VXR exhausts too. It just seems to be on snow tyres, hence the much smaller rims than would be expected of a VXR/OPC these days...

24 January 2013

Just to clarify - I also don't mind the buttons particularly, but it seems to be the critics' favourite bugbear.  Every Vauxhall review has to contain a "but".  With any luck I'll be in the car market later this year and the Astra is the only way to go for me - buttons and all!

15 February 2013

the facelift is really nice! I like it! Free baby samples


5 June 2013

Well,from what the images show us, it's got an indentity problem, is it sa Merc clone, or a BMW......?

Peter Cavellini.


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