Saloon won’t be sold in the UK because the market favours hatchbacks

Under this heavy disguise is the next-gen Dacia Logan. The new saloon is testing ahead of its 2013 launch, but it won’t be sold in the UK because the market favours hatchbacks.

The Logan was the first new Dacia to launch under Renault’s ownership. Its runaway success in emerging markets led to sales in established western European markets, including France and Germany, as well as the glut of new models that followed.

Some reports claim that the new Logan will be a sister car to the Renault Fluence, but a switch to more costly underpinnings is highly unlikely given Dacia’s brand positioning.

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Dacia Logan MCV

This facelifted Dacia Logan MCV might not offer many more driving thrills than before, but there's plenty of space inside, a low asking price, and now even a new turbocharged triple propping up the range

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22 July 2012

Will they make a hatchback version then?

23 July 2012

I know not many people buy saloon versions of mainstream cars these days, but isn't this the entry level model, the cheapest model in the range.  It will likely be heaps better to look at and drive than the outgoing version. 

People will buy them here, only if they are significantly cheaper than the Sandero, lets not forget the Hyundai's and Kia's of a few years ago, people bought those because they were cheap new cars without the stuff you don't really need.  We need more car makes like that that ever now - it's madness the Koreans have left that area of the market and are aiming more upmarket these days, poor timing I think .

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