New-look SUV will get an all-new hybrid powertrain alongside Porsche's latest twin turbo V6 engine, and should launch in October

Porsche's facelifted Cayenne SUV is nearing the end of its development journey, as this undisguised mule reveals work on the facelifted model is almost completed ahead of its expected debut at the Paris motor show in October.

Among the biggest visual changes to come with the updated model are significantly redesigned front and rear bumpers, with the rear of the car in particular getting a slimmed-down design with new tail-light clusters and a lower bumper which now encloses the dual exhausts and also features a psuedo diffuser.

The front end of this test vehicle also shows extensive re-engineering. The re-profiled bonnet now stretches between both wing tops, with its leading edge running the full width of space between the new headlight designs.

The new front bumper is also a little deeper than that of the current model, with the main grille and side intakes subtly reshaped. Overall, the Cayenne’s chin is lower, eliminating the ‘amphibious vehicle’ look of the current car.

Under the bonnet, a new-generation hybrid system based on the type used in the Panamera is expected, as well as a new 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 petrol engine added to the engine line-up. 

As with most facelift programmes, a small price increase over current models is likely. That means an entry-level Cayenne diesel should cost more than the £47,390 of today's car.

The Cayenne is now approaching its fourth birthday and thus is nearing replacement. The next-generation Cayenne will be based on Volkswagen Group's MSB platform. This is currently under development by Porsche but will also be used for the forthcoming Bentley SUV, which will launch in 2016 as part of Bentley's plans to increase its sales by 50 per cent before 2018.

Bentley hopes its first SUV model will eventually account for 3000 units per year, with around 2000 pre-orders already received. The all-new Mk3 Cayenne is likely to follow the Bentley SUV's launch, going on sale in late 2016.

Additional reporting by Darren Moss, 3 June 2014

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3 June 2014
Well, apart from tweaks to the bumper it looks just like it did when it was launched, PLEASE don't say were going to have another 911 design that never changes over the next 50 years.... ?


3 June 2014 thoughts exactly Jonboy....this seems to be a Porsche the difference competition!

3 June 2014
The first time I saw the original Cayenne I just laughed. I thought Porsche had made an almighty mistake. I still think that today but I'm the one that made the mistake because they've sold loads, haven't they? Money vs. taste I guess.

3 June 2014
Mr Potatohead must be very proud of his work indeed...

3 June 2014
...when the stickers hiding the new rear light clusters are removed I think the headlights have them on too. Interesting to see they haven't gone down the Macan route of a clamshell bonnet. Overall I think it looks OK, apart from the tailpipes which look to be sticking out just a little too far from their enclosures (which are needed to stop road grit/dirt chipping away at the paint on the underside of the tailpipe end covers).

3 June 2014
It's the same ol' same ol' from Porsche. The spy shots don't reveal any real advancement in terms of the car's design and styling. This 'next-gen' Cayenne looks like a rather non-descript Japanese/Korean SUV from the early 2000s.

4 June 2014
Hardly a shocker is it given they have mostly looked the same for the last 50 years?!?

My guess is that any future Porsche will all look the same, too.

To be fair, they have deviated from the Porsche "look" in the past (914, 924, 944, 968 and 928) but it's the cars that look a bit like a 911 people want.

But so what? They build great cars and sell loads of them.

Long may that continue.

4 June 2014
Well, they've managed it! Looks even more goppingly awful than the last one! Absolute eyesore!

21 July 2014
Appears to have an inane toothless grin. Most Cayennes I see are just toodling along with the owners either oblivious to or incapable of using the available performance.

I discovered this when I took the latest Cayman for a test drive and wrung its neck on twisty B roads. The salesman said that he enjoyed the ride and I said that surely all prospective customers drove it like that on a test and he said "you're the first". That's when I realised that the name Porsche was all that they wanted to buy.

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