Currently reading: Salon Prive 2013: Clark Abel design Range Rover Evoque 'Dakar' revealed
Dakar Rally-inspired Evoque marks the debut of Clark Abel as a bespoke luxury vehicle designer

The Clark Abel-designed Range Rover Evoque 'Dakar' has launched at Salon Privé.

Marking the debut of the new luxury bespoke design brand, the Dakar Evoque has been styled to appear more rugged than the standard car. 

Chairman Geoff Cousins said the car was inspired by the Dakar Rally: "Our design cues give the Evoque a tougher, more masculine look. There's a tough personality and a great presence on the road."

Not limited to just exterior modifications, the interior of the Evoque has also been redesigned to offer more comfort and luxury. The company has also partnered with artist Paul Karslake to offer customers bespoke paintwork on their cars.

"Our aim is to cater for the discerning client," said Cousins "enabling them to totally personalise their car. This [Salon Prive] is a natural environment both for us and our customers.

"We want our customers to come and sit in the studios with us and direct and design their own cars."

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alleycat 16 September 2013

Not afraid to be different

Personally I like it,

Shame there's no shots of the interior.
Interesting seeing such an aggressive looking Evoque, works well with the proportions of the car (more presence on the road).
Its something different and unique, when compared to the boring offerings from other bespoke design company's out there.

Good on you!

Winston Churchill 5 September 2013


The chap who designed this car is probably almost as big a cunt as the person that thinks this website is designed well.

- Home page is now taken over by an animated advert.
- Have to scroll down to see anything worthwhile with the best content (the blogs) shoved to the bottom.
- Every page jumps around until it's finished completely painting so that if you attempt to click on something you click on the wrong thing.
- Everything else.

uk_supercar_fan 5 September 2013

hideous SUV alert #2!

having had the misfortune to cast my eyes on that new Lexus model (eyes still smarting now), this is almost as bad!

If you look carefully, you'll see that the lens of the guy's camera in the background has just cracked......