Currently reading: Salon Prive 2013: Clark Abel design Range Rover Evoque 'Dakar' revealed
Dakar Rally-inspired Evoque marks the debut of Clark Abel as a bespoke luxury vehicle designer
Darren Moss
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4 September 2013

The Clark Abel-designed Range Rover Evoque 'Dakar' has launched at Salon Privé.

Marking the debut of the new luxury bespoke design brand, the Dakar Evoque has been styled to appear more rugged than the standard car. 

Chairman Geoff Cousins said the car was inspired by the Dakar Rally: "Our design cues give the Evoque a tougher, more masculine look. There's a tough personality and a great presence on the road."

Not limited to just exterior modifications, the interior of the Evoque has also been redesigned to offer more comfort and luxury. The company has also partnered with artist Paul Karslake to offer customers bespoke paintwork on their cars.

"Our aim is to cater for the discerning client," said Cousins "enabling them to totally personalise their car. This [Salon Prive] is a natural environment both for us and our customers.

"We want our customers to come and sit in the studios with us and direct and design their own cars."

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4 September 2013

These aren't the droids we're looking for - move along.

4 September 2013

These aren't the droids we're looking for - move along.

You sir, are a legend.

4 September 2013

Oh dear - that really is quite horrible

4 September 2013

Why must being 'individual' these days mean being vulgar?

4 September 2013

Wow.. Why would you allow someone to do this !! Horrible .. To be honest though not the biggest evoque fan.. But at least it was semi attractive in standard form.. This is just like a storm trooper with wheels !


4 September 2013

As I take offence. Saying that they probably design to the clients specification and requirements.

4 September 2013

I love the way the extended rear wings don't even marry up to the tailgate door properly.

Ridiculously amateur!

4 September 2013

Does the chap who did this work for Lexus? Seems quite a lot in common with todays vulgar Lexus concept.

4 September 2013

Very discreet and subtle of Clark Abel to put CLARK ABEL in capital letters on the leading edge of the bonnet and to put CLARK ABEL in capital letters on the tailgate. It's hardly LOUIS VUITTON darling.

5 September 2013

Way overdone and garish, this lacks the modernity and sleekness of the original Evoque. This is not luxury bespoke, at least to those who have class or know class.
I can't imagine the amount of wind noise and drag these fake and air scoops and add-ons will create. It looks really dated like those overdone aftermarket cladded Hondas of the 1990's.

I hate to admit it but Victoria Beckham's special edition of the Evoque is much nicer.


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