Currently reading: My Week In Cars: New Steve Cropley/Matt Prior podcast (episode 1)
From selling the Lotus 4x4 to visiting the British Motor Museum, it's been a busy week for the Autocar duo

Whether it's cleaning cars with cotton buds or being impressed by a 25 year old Lexus SUV, in this first episode of this new My Week In Cars podcast, available now, Autocar's Steve Cropley and Matt Prior discuss their disparate motoring week.

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If you want to know about buying a Noble V8 off eBay, why we're in the emissions era, and about a million other things about cars, listen onwards. 



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Rossy58 14 September 2022

Not exactly the most scintillating thing I have ever heard. I think I will stick to your weekly columns which are much more informative and entertaining.

Bob Cat Brian 14 September 2022

Great, I always enjoying reading/hearing Matt Priors automotive views.

One thing though, why have you got multiple podcast feeds, this one, 50 years of M, The Autocar podcast, Autocar Great Women podcast, all barely maintained.

Surely you'd be better off putting them all in one feed that covers all these, one subscription would pick up all episodes. Don't you understand how podcasts work?